ScheduleReader for Primavera P6

ScheduleReader™ is a standalone application that allows you to open and view project data exported from Oracle Primavera P6 in .xer and .xls file formats. It is designed to deliver the well-known views of project information among all parties involved without the need for Oracle® Primavera P6 licenses.


A very intuitive interface allows you to quickly get started



Key Features

In ScheduleReader™,  project participants such as team leaders, team members, contractors and subcontractors have complete visibility on project progress by using the native views for:

         ♦ Activities                                  ♦ OBS                                         ♦ WBS    

         ♦ Roles                                        ♦ Projects                                   ♦ Reports    

         ♦ Resources                                ♦ Progress Update                     ♦ Assignments



Project information for activities, WBS and projects is given in an organized table view with a corresponding graphical Gantt chart. With these views user can see how the smallest work package (activity)is scheduled, the WBS of the project i.e. the phases that project is composed of and the placement of the project plan itself in time.

Information for resources, assigned roles and the OBS can be seen in tabular like views with same names as the category that is seen. Here user can view various information for the project team, which roles are assigned to the project team and the organizational structure.

Trace Logic view is a special view that is always combined with the Activity view. It is very useful view for detail analyzes of specific portion of the project plan, where users can see the immediate predecessors and successors of particular task, their current status and assigned resources, scheduled dates, etc.




A Baseline is a referent point in time from which incoming project’s performance may be compared. They are an essential part of every project plan. ScheduleReader™ fully supports the Baseline feature, allowing you to insert up to three baselines for each project. Variations between baselines is visualised using a Gantt chart, with colour-coded baselines and presented with unique bar style and with by various baselines columns in the activity table.


Progress Update

One of the most important mechanism that every project plan must have in the execution stage is to have implement quality status report procedure. Usually, companies have weekly status reports in case of short and middle range projects and monthly status reports for long-range projects. In a good business process, the project manager is in the middle of the project information flow: he/she receives the updates from the team members, makes analysis to be sure that the project milestones will be completed and then creates project plan reports for the upper management.

Following the concept for simplicity, functionality and without violates already established procedures, PrimaveraReader will smoothly incorporate into any company workflow, boosting project productivity and efficiency.


Project participant inserts the updates in the PrimaveraReader, according the schedules activities. These proposals for the updates are saved in .xls/.xlsx file, created when PrimaveraReader is in collaboration mode and located on the same location where the .xer file is saved. By importin the .xls/.xlsx file in Oracle Primavera, project scheduler can decide which updates will be accepted and which will be rejected